About Us

Frimley Junior Chess Club was started in 2016 following an idea from Kim Shek whose son Daniel enjoys chess hugely and who wanted to make his excellent premises available to others for free.  John Upham is coaching Daniel and so the idea grew roots!

Kim and John decided that Sundays mornings would be a welcome time to play chess and other skill / strategy board games in a relaxed environment and so we chose 10.30am to 12.30pm as an experimental time slot.

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment with refreshments and nearby free parking for young players to try out strategy games that are based on skill (rather than luck) that will help to develop children’s thinking skills as well as teaching them board games that they can play for the rest of their lives.

We offer chess, chess variants, draughts, Animal Shogi, Shogi and other strategy / skill games. We are hoping to introduce Go, Backgammon and other games of skill.

Postscript: In June 2019 with a heavy heart we closed the club. However, we have good news in that we can recommend the following for your child:

If your child is of primary school age then we recommend Guildford Junior Chess Club or Crowthorne Chess Club.

If your child is of secondary school age and does not require your supervision then we recommend Camberley Chess Club.

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