Camberley Chess Club

As our members develop as chess players and increase their desire to play more chess and challenge more experienced players we recommend Camberley Chess Club as a thriving  club which meets on Thursday evenings for face to face chess.

Camberley Chess Club was re-established in 1972 and plays in two local leagues and we are pleased to have confirmed a partnership between our two clubs.

The partnership means we will recommend Camberley Chess Club to FJCC members (of secondary school age or beyond) who wish to take their chess further and play in evening league matches and attend club sessions.

Please beware of a club calling itself Camberley Junior Chess Club which has nothing to do with Camberley Chess Club. We do not recommend CJCC.

We also recommend Guildford Junior Chess Club and / or Crowthorne Chess Club to any junior members (of primary school age) who may wish to play other juniors of similar experience on a Sunday morning.